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The University of the Arts Theater Design & Technology program hosts an annual Portfolio Day. Students across all four years of the BFA program display work from classes, productions and independent projects to visiting professionals, faculty, colleagues, friends and family. This event is a celebration of their work and an opportunity to introduce them and their work to the professional community. 

Students are encouraged to show the work of which they are most proud. The result is an amazing array of production imagery, fine arts and crafts, theatre design process work and passion projects which show off their individual artistic voices. In addition to the live exhibit happening in Philadelphia on May 8th, 2023, we are thrilled to be able to feature a selection of that work online. Each student has self-selected work to show you.  Most of the individual galleries also feature links to their websites or resumes.

I’ve only just joined as the program director for this tremendous community of humans, and it’s been my great pleasure to see the passion, ingenuity, and care they put into their work. I hope it is your pleasure as well.

We hope to see you all in person next year!

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