University of the Arts Theater Design & Technology Virtual Portfolio Day – Under Construction

Welcome! Under construction for Portfolio Day 2022!

This page is under construction in preparation for Theater Design and Technology Portfolio Day 2022. Going live online and in person May 9, 2022 at 12pm EDT

Learning Outcomes

The pillars of the Theater Design & Technology program are Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling and Technical Artistry.

The program combines studio work, dramaturgy and collaboration, technical crafts and production experiences. 

A Brind Artist will CREATE and INNOVATE. 

They will make work that exhibits imagination and a strong personal point of view that contributes to and challenges all aspects of performance media.

Brind School Learning Outcomes

A Brind Artist will ENGAGE and CONNECT as a citizen-artist across communities and ideas.

They will be aware of how the theater artist serves society and the breadth of opportunity available to engage in that service; exhibiting curiosity and empathy supported by a knowledge of the history of their art and the humanities.

Brind School Learning Outcomes

A Brind Artist will possess CRAFT, TECHNIQUE, and PROFESSIONALISM.

They will have the ability to assess their own work and that of others, to manage time and resources, to read and analyze plays and source material and to innovate, collaborate and iterate in the service of theater-making under a wide range of conditions.

Brind School Learning Outcomes

A Brind Artist will be ADAPTABLE.

They will be flexible and fearless in their integration of studio and classroom techniques to meet the varying demands of dramatic forms and theatrical styles in preparation and performance.

Brind School Learning Outcomes