Click the thumbnails below to see selections of my work!

“Link’s Breathe” Is an experimental project I made using samples from my favorite game, Zelda. Made using Ableton I wanted this piece to be a combination of a soundscape and a musical composition which tells a story of Link’s awakening.
Naruto Believes it!” This piece was for my Ableton class in which I sampled Naruto’s voice to create a beat to carry the risk of the music. 

Mom” – A song I created in Ableton, which is a very personal piece about my Mother.
Glitch”  This glitch piece I created is the feeling of chills running down your spine and the shiver you get when your body shakes. 

This piece was for “Were Here Because you are” for this virtual website show I scored the different web pages, this page had a nightmarish feel. 

This piece was also created for “Were Here Because you are” but this page was a dreamscape. 

Covid- a comment, Is a piece I made last spring semester as a comment on the surrounds and starting of Covid, which tells a story while also musically supporting it.